About Us

E&L Global Communications is a premier marketing and sales firm headquartered in Troy, Michigan. We represent a portfolio of telecommunication clients and aim to help connect them with the local small business communications through face-to-face marketing and sales strategies. We strive for national and global expansion on behalf of our renowned clients. With a goal of being in 25 locations by 2020, our culture is based on positive energy, teamwork, and internal GROWTH!

Our environment is one where every individual receives equal opportunity to become as fulfilled and successful as they want to be – provided they are willing to make the necessary changes and raise their standards of living in order to achieve their desired outcome!

We’ve created this WordPress blog to showcase the dedicated personalities and accomplishments of our team in Troy, Michigan. We wholeheartedly believe that incredible talent and work ethic of our team is what makes our company unique.ย With a group composed of some of the most motivated and lively individuals you’ll ever meet,ย we follow Steve Jobs quote that instead of “…hiring smart people and telling them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.”